Meet HIPAA Compliance and Protect Patient Trust

Protecting patient data from cyber threats is a necessary measure for any hospital or private practice. Not only does it keep sensitive data out of criminals’ hands, but securing this information means preserving the trust of patients. Protected Health Information (PHI) is an increasingly attractive target for cyber criminals, and 2020 saw a dramatic rise in healthcare organizations held hostage by ransomware.

Improve Healthcare Cybersecurity Outcomes

Secure Halo™ helps healthcare organizations achieve a proactive cybersecurity posture to prevent and, when necessary, respond to a data breach in a number of ways:

  • Preserve patient trust in securing PHI
  • Meet HIPAA compliance requirements
  • Empower your workforce to be a frontline defense
  • Foster diligent cyber hygiene
  • Eliminate preventable vulnerabilities
  • Ensure proper incident response capability
  • Address cyber threats outside data security and information technology (IT)


 2020 saw a dramatic rise in healthcare organizations held hostage by ransomware

Scalable Support for Large Healthcare Providers and Private Practice

We understand that smaller practices do not have the resources of large medical corporations, so we are able to deliver a detailed and prioritized roadmap based on impact. Whatever your size, we help you achieve immediate and affordable security returns, while also planning for long-term business continuity goals that meet your risk appetite and budget. Some of our services include:

  • HIPAA Security Gap Analysis
  • Training, awareness, and testing of workforce resilience to cyber threats such as ransomware
  • Cybersecurity strategy development
  • Vendor management through our Secure Halo™ portal
  • HIPAA policy/procedure drafting, implementation, and improvement
  • Customized phishing to test understanding of high-risk targets with greater access


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