Security Programs and Strategic Planning

Security Programs, Planning, and Remediation

Security program development and strategic planning is critical to a proactive and resilient cybersecurity posture. It requires a focus not simply on data security, but also on the people and processes of your organization. Secure Halo can assist your team in building an enterprise security program to help prevent intellectual property theft, secure sensitive or valuable data, and maintain business continuity.

4 Steps to a Business Continuity Plan (Infographic)

Our experts customize security programs for a variety of industries, including healthcare, financial services, critical infrastructure, and manufacturing. We help you weigh the potential impact of security events and/or incidents, prioritize solutions to safeguard your most important assets, and recover should such an incident occur.

Remediation in Real Time

Secure Halo has considerable experience helping customers remediate information security issues of a technical and/or procedural nature. Secure Halo performs a variety of ongoing remediation services for our clients:

Monitor the customer’s environment for sensitive information that is either inadvertently or maliciously misused
Create data security policy
Provide incident analysis and response
Lead investigation and remediation
Work with management to develop employee training approach

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