T-Mobile Data Breach Said to Have Impacted over 40 Million People

August 19, 2021


Secure Halo

Hackers Leave Over 40 Million T-Mobile Customers, Past and Present, Exposed

T-Mobile, the mobile telecommunications company, recently suffered one of the largest data breaches in company history. Making this the 5th breach in the past 4 years with the past two in 2020, one in 2029, and one in 2018. 

The investigation began this past weekend with the breach officially happening this past Tuesday, August 17th. The breach affects as many as 8 million postpaid subscribers, 850,000 prepaid customers and a little over 40 million past or prospective customers. No financial information has been found released online, however, the information confirmed to have been leaked is as follows:

  • Full Names
  • Addresses
  • Driver’s License Numbers
  • Date of Birth

The company is recommending all T-Mobile customers change their account PINs, despite no evidence that Account PINs have been compromised.

Customers of other T-Mobile prepaid brands including Metro, Boost and former Sprint prepaid customers have not had their PINs or names exposed, T-Mobile added. T-Mobile said in addition, the company will offer two years of free credit monitoring to affected customers. 

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Breaches happen all the time– what can be done?

Here at secure Halo, we offer a variety of services.  We offer Security Programs and Strategic Planning, strengthening the internal team to protect against data breaches. Security program development and strategic planning is critical to a proactive and resilient cybersecurity posture. It requires a focus not simply on data security, but also on the people and processes of your organization. Secure Halo can assist your team in building an enterprise security program to help prevent intellectual property theft, secure sensitive or valuable data, and maintain business continuity. To learn more, click here.

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