Top 5 Cyber Threats to Business

January 27, 2022


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Top 5 Cyber Threats to Business

With the ever-growing digital age, cyber crime is on a constant rise, and no one seems to be quite safe– especially small businesses. Small businesses seem to be the primary target for cyber relating crimes, being targeted for a whopping 43% of cybersecurity attacks. It may seem daunting, but if you are aware of these common tactics, your business will remain much more secure!


5) Credential Stuffing

Credential Stuffing is an attack aimed at taking users’ login credentials. This can most often be seen when the same username and password is used more than once. This kind of cyber attack is project to rise in 2022, according to Straight Edge Technology. This can be combated by enforcing 2 factor authentication for all accounts. Internally, program your employees passcodes to ensure that if one account is hacked, no one will have the same username and passcode. Lastly, simply never share your password. If the account is shared, never send the password electronically.


4) Database Exposure

This one is what it sounds like– a hacker will expose sensitive information within a company’s database. It can happen in a few different ways, some hackers use social engineering and steal logins, some use malware, etc. Many companies use servers to keep and maintain customer information, so this is going to remain on the rise as a serious risk to a small business, seeing that most of these servers contain financial and personal information. If you have a physical server, keep it in a locked room away from anyone without access. You can also encrypt the data and keep a firewall around this sensitive information

3) Malware/Ransomware

Everyone should be aware by now of what a computer virus is. But what people don’t know is that malware and ransomware can not only steal information, but they can also significantly damage your company’s functioning. Websites can slow down, customers might not be able to access their accounts or make any transactions. Plus, they can be a huge (and costly) pain to get rid of. you can prevent this by hiring an IT team, as well as taking preventitive measures such as removing old software and keeping your new hardware and software up to date!


2) PDF Scams

Similar to phishing, these scams have one goal and that is to get you to download and open an attached PDF. They often come in the form of an email (think: ILOVEYOU virus), and can disguise themselves as a security email or billing statement. Once downloaded, your computer is at serious risk for malware/ransomware. This trick is especially dangerous because more people are wary of links than they are of a PDF file. This can be prevented by downloading antivirus software, as well as training employees to recognize and report suspicious emails.


1) Phishing

Phishing is arguably the most common form of cyber attacks out there. It happens to everyone on an everyday basis to the point where we have learned to just brush it off. However, offices receive hundreds of emails daily, and the lines are starting to blur on what is real and what is fake, especially towards the end of the workday, and hackers know this. This can easily be prevented by discarding generic and non-specific business emails. Be cautious when clicking links and downloading files, and install antivirus software on your employees computers

Remember– it’s a lot easier to prevent cyber attacks before they happen! Don’t wait until it’s too late!


Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing

Attackers scan for vulnerabilities that will open the door into organizations. But how do you find every vulnerability and how do you know which to prioritize fixing? Trust the Secure Halo Find, Fix, Protect approach. We assess your network security, reveal vulnerabilities, and recommend decisive actions to maximize limited resources. If you would like to read more about the services we offer, click here

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