Secure Halo Platform

Cyber Risk Assessment at Your Fingertips

Companies need meaningful insight into how vulnerable they are to expanding and evolving digital risks. The Secure Halo™ platform provides a holistic view of cyber risk, including from leading threat vectors like insider threat and third-party dependencies, to empower market-driven and threat-based decisions while also meeting regulatory requirements.

Secure Halo™ efficiently analyzes, aggregates, and benchmarks cyber risk in a user-friendly, online format that puts enterprise security assessment results and prioritized recommendations at your fingertips. Scalable to business size and need, it provides in-depth views of risk by individual security control and across a portfolio of clients or vendors. It’s a powerful decision-making tool for company leaders who wish to align security investments with business objectives.

Secure Halo™ Improves Efficiency: Watch Our Video to Learn How

  • View results and recommendations in convenient dashboard
  • Compare data over time
  • Easily distribute assessment to clients or vendors, and track completion
  • Make faster and better- informed decisions


Safeguard Sensitive Data

Secure Halo™ reduces security concerns related to the sharing of sensitive information during due diligence and assessment. It houses client data within a secure platform, ensuring client confidentiality while mitigating the risk and liability of compromise.

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Secure Halo™ for Cyber Insurance

The demand for cyber insurance continues to grow, yet assessing and quantifying cyber risk remains a challenge for insurers. While web-based passive scanning solutions offer an external view of company risk, they also obscure the significant threats due to insiders with authorized access, weak security policies and procedures, and third party exposures.

The Secure Halo™ platform answers insurers’ need for both efficiency and depth when making underwriting decisions.  Secure Halo™ streamlines the insurance application and assessment process through a non-intrusive, online assessment. At the same time, it identifies cyber risk across six critical business domains, providing a holistic view of security posture and prioritized recommendations for improvement.

Port Folio Risk Profile by CMMC domain


  • Quickly distribute and track an automated, tailored assessment to potential policy holders
  • Track aggregated client portfolio risk
  • Detail individual policy holder’s risk
  • Drill-down on clients’ top vulnerabilities
  • Compare portfolio and client-specific trends over time

Secure Halo™ for Vendor Risk Management

To secure your enterprise in today’s outsourced business environment, you must understand and protect your entire digital ecosystem. Increasingly, threat actors are using third parties with access to business-critical information to work around internal security solutions.

Secure Halo™ provides an efficient, non-invasive, and cost-effective way to measure and align security controls used by third party vendors or suppliers. Using Secure Halo™, you can identify specific weaknesses, inform vendors, and set contractual cybersecurity standards.

  • See portfolio views of suppliers’ ecosystems
  • Understand interdependent risk among client, supplier, and customer
  • Improve corporate risk management planning
  • Prioritize critical vulnerability areas for further assessment and/or remediation

Secure Halo™ for Financial Sector


The financial industry is a prime target for cyber attackers, making cybersecurity and cyber risk management tools a must for financial services executives. Secure Halo™ improves financial organizations’ ability to meet increased demands including regulatory requirements, while also strengthening your competitive advantage through improved security, and provides due diligence for more informed investments and greater portfolio performance.

IT Penetration Testing Risk Assessment

  • Reduce burdens in meeting compliance challenge, and improving security postures (FFIEC, FDIC, GLBA)
  • Measure effectiveness of security programs across third-party service providers of critical functions
  • Establish foundation for corporate strategy to accept, mitigate or transfer risk
  • Gain insight into security risks of merger and acquisition (M&A) targets
  • Reveal vulnerability gaps in advance of formal transactions
  • Incorporate cyber risk management into M&A negotiation

Secure Halo™ for Government

Government agencies and contractors who support them are required to meet increasingly strict cybersecurity regulation, like DFARs 171, NIST SP 800-53, CSF, FEDRAMP among others. Additionally, cyber actors not only have the innovative capacity of U.S. companies in their cross-hairs, but also similarly strive to erode our national security advantage. While defense agencies invest heavily in perimeter safeguards, “insider” accesses held by vendors warrant equal attention and governance. Untreated, non-critical access may evolve into systemic risks, giving way to high risks outcomes, including data manipulation, espionage and disruption of critical systems. Secure Halo™ believes in empowering federal agencies to find, fix and protect their vital assets using scalable methods and tools and can help meet cybersecurity requirements.

  • Recognize outliers among hundreds or thousands of contractors providing support

  • Quickly determine if vendors meet agency requirements such as DFARS, FedRAMP, NIST SP 800-171

  • Gain insight into vulnerabilities around critical attack vectors such as Insider Threat and business dependencies


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