CMMC Compliance

Empowering the Defense Industrial Base to Meet CMMC Requirements

CMMC is here – now. And if you’re a government contractor, it will determine whether you get to do business with the Department of Defense (DoD) … Or not.

For the more than 300,000 companies currently serving the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) or those planning on doing business with the DoD in the future, CMMC (the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) has emerged as the top priority. It’s built upon the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS), which designates a set of controls to safeguard information systems containing contractor-generated data.

But if DFARS is about “Trust,” CMMC is about “Verify”

Contractors must now undergo assessments to prove that they can meet CMMC’s 17 capability domains – covering everything from situational awareness to access control to incident response to risk management to recovery to system/information integrity. With this, all DoD contractors must be certified in one of five levels that reflect the maturity and reliability of an organization’s cybersecurity infrastructure and controls and their ability to safeguard sensitive government information. What’s more, CMMC’s “flow down” requirements extend to your subcontractors, partners, suppliers and additional third parties. In other words, it’s a tall order.

CMMC Tools Everywhere

Recognizing that DIB-supporting businesses are under pressure to earn certifications, a large crowd of providers are marketing CMMC tools. But a simple tool alone will hardly suffice: By partnering with Secure Halo, contractors will quickly and cost effectively meet – and even exceed – the CMMC standards with its established cyber risk assessment platform fully supported by human-generated insights. Toward this end, Secure Halo has distinguished itself with a proven past performance record of cyber risk assessments by delivering the following, essential components that will ensure CMMC compliance:

For DoD Contractors

  • Standardized question-based assessment which guides companies to compliance removing the ambiguity of open-ended questions.
  • Ability to upload supporting documentation providing evidence at individual control level.
  • Actionable insights that identify vulnerabilities, evaluating existing controls, and provide findings to support the improvement of security maturity.
  • Prioritized list of issues for remediation to prepare for certification.
  • Detailed compliance reports for your internal and external audit teams.


For RPOs and C3PAOs

The Secure Halo Platform’s ability to distribute, track, collect, score and aggregate your company and its third parties via a single-view dashboard with easy-to-navigate CMMC progress metrics – while scaling as you grow.

  • Simple client onboarding supporting both self-assessments and managed assessments.
  • Quickly view the planned, in-progress, and completed assessments of all your clients.
  • Built in auto reminders to your clients when follow up action is required to save time.
  • Ability for both clients and assessors to upload and manage supporting documentation at the individual control level.
  • CMMC reporting providing actionable insights that identify deficiencies and provide findings to support the improvement of security maturity.
  • Rollup dashboards for each CMMC level that allows you to quickly view, sort and filter based upon your clients’ compliance.

The Upshot

The Secure Halo Platform provides you with complete visibility into the CMMC performance, process and practice maturity of your enterprise and vendor ecosystem across all 17 CMMC domains.  Our platform identifies deficiencies and provides prioritized remediation steps that you can address immediately for “quick wins”.

Our technology-enabled service was designed and built by the Secure Halo team who have lived in the federal government security world for decades.  Our team’s blend of U.S. Intelligence, national security, military, IT security, and traditional business backgrounds give us leading-edge insights into emerging threats.  We have the experience and expertise to help customers earn certification in all five CMMC levels, from”basic cyber hygiene” to the highest “standardized/optimized” level.

We know you’re doing good work for the government. We want to ensure that you keep doing good work for the government – while protecting our agencies from cyber threats. If you’d like to find out more about how Secure Halo can help you accomplish these goals, then please contact us.

Secure Halo has been protecting the intellectual assets and sensitive information of the federal government and private sector since 2006 through our proactive and all-encompassing approach to enterprise risk and cybersecurity.

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