Managed Security Services

Stay Ahead of Threats with Managed Security Services

In today’s online business environment, your sensitive data may be at risk from third parties and insiders with access to your network. Unless you understand where you’re vulnerable, you can’t make smart security investments, including those that go beyond IT hardware and software.

Our Managed Security Services team can remove some of the burden around cybersecurity and risk management decisions that affect your company’s operation and reputation. Recognized as a Top 10 Managed Security Service Provider, we help you mitigate risks efficiently without having to hire additional staff or train existing employees.


Today’s business solutions depend on the use of third parties to power operations, but these connected vendors also double as a back door into your network. It only takes one vendor with poor security to allow malicious actors free reign into your systems.

Studies show that the vast majority of businesses do not adequately address this risk, despite the increase in third-party breaches and new regulatory requirements. We can simplify your Third-Party Risk Management program, freeing up your team for other priorities. Trust our security professionals to:

  • Establish risk criteria
  • Evaluate criticality of vendors
  • Oversee vendor assessments
  • Prioritize remediation efforts

Secure Halo - Managed Security Service ProviderOur Secure Halo™ platform streamlines assessments, and simplifies aggregation, scoring, and third-party updates. With easily viewable results, you can make faster and better-informed decisions.

  • Understand cyber risks emanating from third parties
  • Compare vendors’ security posture
  • Identify outliers for remediation
  • Evaluate potential vendors pre-RFP
  • Meet compliance, cyber insurance, and due diligence needs


 CISO As a Service

    Cybercriminals target small- and mid-sized businesses, searching for exploitable vulnerabilities that aren’t addressed due to staffing or budget constraints. For companies with limited resources, CISO-As-a-Service is a cost-effective alternative that provides the direction and execution of a CISO without the full-time expense.

    Our security expert supports your team to create a security strategy that aligns with your risk appetite and business objectives. Then we put the strategy in place, providing as much guidance and hands-on management as you need.

    We help with:

    • Independent, objective assessment of enterprise risk
    • Security program development and implementation
    • Software and hardware selection
    • Policy generation and review
    • Training and awareness
    • Information security liaison to boards, auditors, third parties
    • Compliance readiness
    • Merger and acquisition due diligence

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